Specification Magnetic Stirrer

Speed range : 0 2400 r/min

Working panel diameter : 125mm

Power supply: (AC) 220 V 50Hz     EU-plug (UK comes with a fushed adaptor)

Mesuring about : 230mm x 160mm x 100mm

Can easily mix up to 3 Liter depending on the viscosity of the liquid.

Comes with a removable standard to clamp a thermometer.

Comes with a Magnet.

Wholesale for retailers, assosiations and groups.

All price are exclusive shipping costs and tax.

Specification package

box: 1 stirrer packed in a foam

box: 265mm x 210mm x 195mm  :  weight   1,68 kg

carton box contains: 6 Magnetic  Stirrer in box

carton : 660mm x 300mm x430mm   :  weight   11,4 kg


M.O.Q. 6 pieces     35,- Euro/piece
Sales volume: full cartons of 6 stirrers