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Digitale Multimeter Clamp

Artikelcode: 1029

Digitale Multimeter Clamp


Weight: 161g 
Dimension : 15 x 6.5 x 2.3 cm 
Professional Digital AC Clamp Multimeter 
40mm (diagonal) LCD Display 
Small and compact design 
Data hold function 
Overload protection on all ranges 
Battery low indication 
AC Current : 0.01A to 400A 
AC Voltage : 1V to 450V 
DC Voltage : 1V to 600V 
Diode Test, Continuty test, Resistance measurements 
Power: 2 x AAA 1.5v battery 


AC Current 
Range 20A, 200A, 400A 
Range 450V 
Overload Protection : 450V AC/DC on all ranges 
AC Voltage 
Overload Protection : 400A on all ranges 
DC Voltage 
Range 600V 
Overload Protection : 600V DC / Peak AC on all ranges 
Diode Test / Transistor P-N junction test 
Continuity test with buzzer sound while < 75 Ohm 
Resistance Measurement. 200K Ohm Range 
Overload Indication 
No DC amps measurement 

Package Content: 

1 x MultiMate Electronic Tester 
2 x Test Leads 
1 x English Manual

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Garantie periode: 1 jaar

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