Electrische smelt oven kroes goud zilver met EU-stekker

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Electrische smelt oven kroes goud zilver met EU-stekker

Great device for hobby or professional use.


Product Description
1, This is specially designed and constructed for melting metals for casting and alloying.
2, Maximum temperature is 2000° F (1100° C).
3, You can melt pure silver & gold or alloys such as sterling silver, 14k gold 18k gold up to pure.
4, This furnace is capable of melting such metals: aluminum, gold, lead, silver, sterling silver, tin & zinc.
5, Grooved graphite crucible, which is specially designed crucible tongs, designed for easy removal from the furnace.
6, It takes 10-15 Minutes to first warm up depending on the metal your melting and 10-15 minutes to fully melt your metal depending on the
form of material. Shot or small parts melt faster than large bars or blocks.
7, Insulated lid holds heat in and keeps oxygen out for a cleaner melt.
1. This series melting furnace continuously work time is no more than 3 hours, up to 3hours, please stop about 1 hour before continue to
2. Please pay attention to check the crucible, avoid the crucible broken and damaged furnace.
3. The highest working temperature of this series melting furnace is 1150 °C.

Power input( (w) 1600
Power supply 2200V 60Hz/14A
Measurement accuracy + 0.5%FS
Working environment 0-50°C, 30-85%RH
Net size(cm) L31xW36xH37
Packing size L38xL38xH42
Net weight(kg) 11
Packing weight(kg) 15
Use instruction

MF series apply SSR controller,alloy made heater with melting point up to 1900°c,high temp proof ceramic melting chamber , high alminium
protection and other advanced top quanlity component to improved it's durability and working efficiently over current markets furnaces


Package Content:
1pcs Melting Furnace
1pcs High Graphite Crucible
1pcs Crucible Tongs
1pcs manual (Englisch)

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