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Dubbel functie graveer machine voor ring en vlak

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Dubbel functie graveer machine voor ring en vlak

Machine Description
The machine has five parts:The switch of the power(Power), intensity adjustment switch(Pressure),direction contorl keys, the switch of the start(Start),ring/flat swtich(F ,R)

Features : 1 the product can be engraved text and graphics on the inner rings/braceletouter rings/ braceletflat or something irregular that of all the computer can display  <<Support bold,italic,under the dash,read immediately after design monochrome BMP modify>>
2: fine carving, the English can be carved figures above 0.5mm
3: carving intensity,depth can adjustable ,the depth of up to 0.3mm or more, you can repeat the engraving, no wear and no ghosting
4: high precision, without polishing after carving
5: small footprint, easy to shift release
6: can marking of the inner ring 12-70mm, the outer ring 15-85mm ,the flat marking area80mm×50mm

Technical parameters:  Size 300×300×280(mm)
Power consumption:  75W
Voltage requirements:  AC220V 50-60HZ
Net Weight:  14KG

Software for engraving  Text and Pictures

Text Editor


Picture Editor

Bedenktijd: 14 dagen
Garantie periode: 1 jaar

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